June 2012 archive

Episode 100: JLA Deluxe Vol. 4

Recorded June 14, 2012 Collecting Grant Morrison’s JLA #34, #36-41, Earth 2, and JLA: Classified #1-3. The League faces the end of the world with the arrival of Maggedon. They then meet their evil doppelgangers from an anti-matter world, and finally Batman must rescue the League from a trap in an infant universe. Episode 100: …

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Episode 99: JLA Deluxe Vol. 3

Recorded June 7, 2012 Collection Grant Morrison’s JLA #22-26, #1,000,000 and #28-31, the Justice League battles a would-be world conqueror alongside The King of Dreams, meet their counterparts from the far future and get caught in a war between 5th dimensional imps. League Night Episode 99: JLA Deluxe Edition Vol. 3 Email Eric or Joe. …

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Episode 98: JLA Deluxe Vol. 2

Recorded May 30, 2012 Collecting Grant Morrison’s JLA # 10-17, Prometheus # 1 and JLA/WildC.A.T.S, the team faces Lex Luthor’s new Injustice Gang and the threat of Darkseid. The JLA fight a deadly new foe with the means to defeat them all. Finally, the team travels to another world to save all space and time. …

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The View Masters Episode 0: The Promotioning

Recorded June 7, 2012 The announcement of the new podcast that will rise from the ashes of League Night The View Masters Episode 0: The Promotioning Email Eric or Joe. Time – 12:50 min. / File Size – 6mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes https://media.blubrry.com/league_night/view.guttertrash.net/show/vm000.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Episode 97: JLA Deluxe Vol. 1

Recorded May 23, 2012 Collecting Grant Morrison’s JLA # 1-9 and Secret Origins # 1, the newly reunited Justice League take on a team of alien superheroes with a hidden agenda, a rebel army of angels attempting to overthrow Heaven, and an old foe seeking revenge. Episode 97: JLA Deluxe Vol. 1 Email Eric or …

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