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Episode 100: JLA Deluxe Vol. 4

Recorded June 14, 2012 Collecting Grant Morrison’s JLA #34, #36-41, Earth 2, and JLA: Classified #1-3. The League faces the end of the world with the arrival of Maggedon. They then meet their evil doppelgangers from an anti-matter world, and finally Batman must rescue the League from a trap in an infant universe. Episode 100: …

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Episode 70: The Ties that Bind

Recorded September 28, 2011 To save Oberon from Granny Goodness, Mr. Miracle, his wife Big Barda and the Flash must rescue Kalibak from the clutches of Vermin Vunderbarr. -from IMDB Episode 70: The Ties that Bind Email Eric or Joe. Time – 30:44 min. / File Size – 15mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes …

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